Audi Q3 2.0 TDI: The 3 through life


Audi Q3 2.0 TDI The 3 through life (18)

Audi plays with the fantasy of hatchback admirers!

Even with my limited knowledge of business, I can safely predict that every business has to make their consumers happy.  Anything you do and wherever you do, try to do the way you want to with the little knowledge of your consumers’ expectations. You may not rope in the big money, but it’ll ensure that even the junior-most manager and servant earn a good living. You put money. And you recover way more money, by simply giving what they want. Logic and finesse be damned. Somehow, the Audi Q3 seems to the result of that ideology. The Q3 is the latest entry-level baby of the range that tops out with Bollywood’s current favourite, the Q7. After being launched at Europe, Q3 is here in India with a cheapest Audi tag, this tag may change once the A3 sedan makes it here. Anyway, here are the facts. The Q3 is based on the VW Golf, which is what cars like the Audi TT, the Skoda Laura, even the Yeti are based on. It is just the perfect size, and being not much larger than the BMW X1, it feels more spacious and comfortable to boot. The light steering meant it was easy to potter around town in and the 2.0-lite TDI engine gave it enough juice to easily tackle highways as well as give its owner bragging rights at the bar. Add to this the Quattro, which gives you access to more places off the beaten track. You get high ground clearance. You get four-wheel drive. High driving position. Comfortable seating for five. Good luggage space. To reiterate, you get an Audi.

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It’s not drive-centric like BMW, but I know what to expect from an Audi. Everything is well-built, there’s attention to detail, a few days with an Audi and you’ll feel good about your purchase. The car does what is asked of it, but the steering, pedals, engine response don’t feel special. At least not special enough to be worthy of an Audi.

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The S tronic’ box plays a vital role in giving you bang for every throttle input and are a potent combination out on the road. Sure, it rolls more than the A4, but you get the picture. The suspension wakes up as you go faster and takes most undulations without disturbing the cabin. Our car had the beige interior combo, and you can mix and match colours, but we’d recommend a darker trim. There’s plenty of legroom and enough storage space for your long drives. And if you need more space, you can always fold down the rear seats and get up to 1,365 litres of loading area. It’s sensible, smart, practical, believable and does a better job of giving people what they want and keeping out things they don’t absolutely need. All it needs is that one action sequence to get you in the spirit of things.

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“I received this car on 12.12.2012 at 12 noon. It was always my dream to buy an Audi. Even my clients wants to drive this car, Q3 has given me a different class in insurance sector”, Mr. Vijay Chandak, Insurance Consultant


Engine: 1968cc, 4-cyl turbo diesel, Power: 175bhp, Torque: 380Nm, Gearbox: 7A S tronic, 0-100kph: 8.2secs, Top Speed: 212kph, Kerb Weight: 1585kg, Economy: 10.5kpl

Setback: Base Grade- ₹36.50 lakh, High Grade- ₹41.50 lakh (on-road Gwalior)


The Audi Q3 is capable, practical and versatile. BMW and Land Rover, have your nightmares begun?


Contact: Audi Indore Division of Anand Cars Private Limited, NRK Business Park, G-1, Plot No.B1, Sch.No.54, PU-4, Vijay Nagar Square, A.B. Road, Indore 452 010 | Call: 8889599907

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