Ashok Singh: Not for vote I have everyday relation with people


Ashok Singh Not for vote I have everyday relation with people (1)

Gwalior: Congress Lok Sabha candidate Ashok Singh told the youth that, “I am in constant touch with you all and any development in this area will be in association with the youth. For all this Congress needs extraordinary coherence from youth.” He said that during the meeting with delegation of youths in Gwalior. Students from over hundred colleges came to meet Singh. Students were found impressed with the ease and simplicity in the nature of Ashok Singh and expressed broad support in elections.

Meanwhile, Singh approached to Karera for mass contact. He first arrived at Dinara and launched the Congress campaign office where he said that here his relation with people is not due to elections he have been connected with them from seven consecutive years. He further said that people should not believe the rumors and beware from vote robbers and support Congress.

After that Singh reached Jaamraun and then Karera where he launched the elections office.



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