Amway is in sync with Indian Government’s vision for India’s progress


Amway is in sync with Indian Government's vision for India's progress

Gurgaon, 9 April 2015: Over the past 17 years, Amway India has been offering Indian citizens an unparalleled opportunity to own and operate their own business – on their terms – selling more than 140 high quality consumer products with a money back guarantee for 100% satisfaction of use. Below are the Amway’s initiatives that supprot the current government’s priority to develop India:

  • Make in India- More than 90% of Amway sales are through products made in India. Amway is investing Rs. 550 crores in India for its own state of the art manufacturing plant to augment the existing contract manufacturing base
  • Clean environment- Amway’s state of the art manufacturing plant will be among the first in India to comply with the most stringent international environment standards
  • Leveraging digital technology- One-third of Amway sales are via e-commerce and this percentage is growing steadily
  • Women’s empowerment- Nearly two-thirds of Amway active 5,50,000 distributors are women
  • Bank Accounts for all- It is mandatory for all Amway distributors to have a bank account
  • Corporate citizenship- Amway Opportunity Foundation, Amway’s CSR initiative, has helped lakhs of individuals, over the past many years

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