Every age requires physical activity



To maintain their activity level while improvement in age children should be regular on workout.

10-18 years

While exercising on this age, natural growth becomes quick and keeps fat away. At this age activities like, running, swimming and cycling are helpful. Get indulge in school sports activity. With the pressure from studies parents should not stop children from involving in such activities.

10-30 years

To control your weight this age is the best. At this time metabolic rate is very fast, that’s why not only with physical activity but also during rest time calories keeps burning. At this age aerobics and cycling is very good.

Past 30 years

At this leg of life most of the people does the work while sitting. This harms muscles tissue. So try weight training and aerobics. It will help controlling the weight and your bones will be stronger.

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Dec 16, 2012 at 7:48m

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