7 steps PM Narendra Modi has taken to help farmers


New Delhi, 11 April 2015: These are the concrete steps by PM Narendra Modi led Central Government for assisting farmers affected by crop losses-

  1. Norms for input subsidies to farmers liberalised.
  2. Now even at 33% crop loss, farmers to be provided assistance (earlier the criterion was 50% loss or more)
  3. As per new norms, Govt to help those farmers whose crops were affected in February and March this year.
  4. Assistance for agricultural crops, horticulture crops, annual plantation crops, perennial crops and sericulture increased by 50%.
  5. Monetary assistance to change every year on the basis of inflation rates.
  6. Banks to re-structure crop loans.
  7. Speedy settlement of farmers’ claims by insurance companies.

“Natural calamities are affecting our farmers. It is the responsibility of the Government and the society to help them and save them from difficulties,” says PM Narendra Modi.


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