6 New ideas of startup for stay-at-home parents


6 New ideas of startup for stay-at-home parents

Looking for a new way to make money? Here are 6 businesses that you can start with minimal amount of investment. You need dedication, focus and commitment to work hard and a strong desire to be financially competent. As simple as that.

1. Consignment Shop

Talking about branded clothing has never been a famous family discussion. Times are tough after recession. Recession has led end users to save their extra bucks by purchasing “gentle used” items.

In having a start at consignment shop, you don’t pay anything for your purchase until it is sold, which makes this business perfect to be considered as a start up business. Purchase clean garments or other items. Display them in your shops for the owners. You can split the profits when you make a sale. In most of the cases, the profit split is either 50/50 or a higher percentage earned by consignment shops.

The most important aspect of consignment shop is to make it clean, lively and attractive.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writers can write articles on any kind of topic, from best strollers to buying an RV. To give a perfect way to your start is to write about subjects in which you’ve got expertise.

Ghost writing is a good startup for freelancers looking for quick money. Websites are always in a search of quality freelancers, too. Create your website to promote your freelance skills as a pro business.

Giving a start in this project can give you quiet of rejections. But, once you develop the knowhow, you’ll be successful soon.

3. Party Event organizers

From corporate parties to baby birthdays, dance parties and pool parties. It is a new trend nowadays that people don’t have that much of a time to organize their own parties. Entrepreneur needs creative and unique design ability to decorate and manage the event properly. Attractive package to the customers is an important part of party events. You can use your imaginations merged together with the clients taste and preference.

Once you’ve developed your portfolio by organizing two to three events. Prepare your brochure listing the contents of your wide range of products you introduce to your clients and its price. You can make a website to configure and advertise your work as well.

Market is always there for unique ideas. There is an enormous market share that you can capture ranging from corporate offices to family home.

4. House Cleaning

As long as dirt and stains exist, the need will be there for house-cleaning services. In most of well built homes and apartments, people from upper middle class or elites want to live in their place with luxury of not dust furniture or clean up the floors.

You can learn from each new client about their requirements and what are they expecting from you. Catering the demands of your clients is as important as good cleaning job. It helps you to earn loyalty of your customers.

5. Soap Making

A bar of soap may cost a minimal amount of 10 cents for its make and end product can be sold from $1 to $4. No doubt, there is a potential growing market of green buyers in current market. As most of the people are going back to basics, buying pure natural soaps. By adding special herbs, fragrances and colors, you can start making gourmet and specialty soaps right in your own kitchen.

Remember packaging is everything.

6. Website Consultant

Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants a website for their business nowadays and they really don’t have any idea how to do it. If you are operating any sort of business today, a website is a must do thing. It’s considered as important as the name of the business. Knowledge in SEO is a plus for you.

You can charge a monthly fee to make small changes and additions to your client’s website afterwards.

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