4 interesting birthday party theme busted here


Birthday among all other days is the most important one. Celebrating this day with lots of fun and excitement is an age-old fashion but with time, lots of theme have emerged to the forefront and thus you have lots of ideas to brainstorm before deciding the final birthday party theme for your loved ones.

Birthday Cakes

Have a look below and plan an awesome birthday party:

Alice in Wonderland theme:

If you have a kid who is fascinated with this wonder girl named Alice and her adventure story, you must plan her birthday party in this theme. You just need a big garden area for this theme. In case you don’t have that much space, you can rent a farmhouse for sure. The motifs and models to be included in this theme party would be – playing cards, tea party, looking glass, rabbit hole, the queen of hearts, Cheshire-Cat, etc. It would be a fun ride for sure. Don’t forget to include the astonishing Alice birthday cake in Bangalore in your party.

Birthday Cake theme party

Fishing birthday party theme:

This one can be kept for the slightly grown up or adults. Select a creek-side location for this amazing birthday party. Bring a center table and fill that with some tea/coffee, snacks, sweets, cakes, sandwich, etc. Also bring the fishing net and other equipment for a fun-filled day ahead. The fish that you and your friends finally catch can be cooked for dinner – right? It would be a nice relaxation for people who are participating apart from being a birthday party.

Fishing birthday party theme

Floral theme birthday party:

Flower is one thing that has always been used as a decorative piece for many of our occasions. Flower of various colors can be kept as the theme for the upcoming birthday party. Covering the wall with flowers making various shapes and art would be loved for sure. You can also decorate the staircases and bedroom with some of the amazing flowers. Use dried flowers to make a greeting card. The cake that you bring for the birthday boy/girl can be in the shape of a flower.

Floral theme birthday party

Tea/Coffee birthday theme:

You can put cardboard cut-outs suggesting that your own has been transformed into some “Starbucks” or “Café Coffee Day” for celebrating a birthday. Keep all possible flavors of tea like lemon, rose, chamomile, lemon and honey, lavender, jasmine, ginger, etc. alongside our own Masala milk tea. In coffee segment, you must have cappuccino, mocha, latte, espresso, double espresso, Macchiato, Ristretto, piccolo latte, and affogato, etc. In this theme, more attention must be given in cookies, biscuits, dry cakes, and of course sandwiches. Keep nice quotes of tea or coffee hanging all around. Get a coffee flavored birthday cake in Bangalore and keep the spirit of birthday party peppy.

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