2016 Nissan Maxima shown at NYIAS, starts at Rs. 20 lakhs in US


2016 Nissan Maxima shown at NYIAS, starts at Rs. 20 lakhs in US (13)

New York, 2 April 2015: Nissan today unveiled the all-new Nissan Maxima during a press conference at the New York International Auto Show. Making the presentation was Nissan President and CEO Carlos Ghosn, who addressed a range of topics including Nissan’s $10.1 billion investment in the U.S. in the past three decades.

The dramatically styled 2016 Maxima, created by driving enthusiasts for driving enthusiasts, looks like nothing else on the road today – and drives like nothing in the segment. It not only resets Maxima’s iconic “4-Door Sports Car” positioning, it sets a new standard for style, performance and technology in the large sedan segment.

The all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima, which goes on sale in summer 2015, sets a new standard for style, performance and technology in the mid-size sedan segment. Its groundbreaking presence is also intended to “Maximize” the Nissan brand itself – as a halo vehicle showcasing the company’s cutting edge design, performance and innovation leadership.

Now in its eighth generation, the new 2016 Maxima takes the nameplate’s position as the “4-Door Sports Car” to its highest execution ever. From a performance standpoint, Maxima achieves a power-to-weight ratio that exceeds that of the Acura TLX V6 and BMW 335i, and authentic performance hardware that includes monotube rear dampers, tires specially developed for Maxima, and a “Sport” mode that transforms the vehicle’s character with the touch of a button.

The new Maxima’s 3.5-liter VQ-series V6 has been redesigned with more than 60 percent new parts (compared to the previous generation 3.5-liter V6). The engine applies lessons learned from the legendary GT-R, such as sodium-filled valves, to meet needs of the higher compression ratio and combustion temperatures. With 300 horsepower, it achieves a high specific output (HP/L) of 85.7 horsepower/liter. The revised engine also offers an anticipated 15 percent increase in highway fuel economy to an EPA estimated 30 miles per gallon (12.75 kilometres per litre).

Complementing the revised powerplant is a new, performance-oriented Xtronic transmission featuring a wider ratio range, which allows for stronger acceleration from a standing start and an all-new D-Step shifting logic that provides rapid shifts at high throttle openings.

The new Maxima’s enhanced handling and ride comfort starts with a redesigned platform that features increased use of high strength steel, including the first use of 1.2GPa high strength steel in a Nissan sedan, and a revised 4-wheel independent suspension with monotube rear shock absorbers. The new Maxima SR grade features unique suspension damper tuning, a Performance Chassis Damper, a larger front stabilizer bar and 19-inch wheels and tires to add even more performance.

That was then, this is now. Here, in honor of those great generations that have gone before, are eight things you might not know about the all-new 2016 Maxima:

  1. Angelic Inspiration: To design the new-generation Maxima, Nissan designers visited the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels. The cockpit design of their aircraft is echoed in the wrap-around design of the Maxima’s. Externally, Maxima is lowered, sculpted and streamlined to achieve a sweeping aerodynamic profile that has more than a little jet fighter to it. To bring all this inspiration to life, a special metal stamping technique was developed, adding the distinctive powerful gesture to its bodyline and deeply scalloped doors.
  2. By the Numbers: The new 8th generation Maxima is longer, lower, lighter and tighter than the previous generation design – all numbers that enhance the sports car side of 4DSC – 2.2 inches longer, 1.3 inches lower, 82 pounds lighter and 25 percent more torsional rigidity.
  3. HP/MPG: Speaking of numbers, here are a few more improvements versus the previous generation: horsepower +10 (to 300 hp), new engine parts 61% (including cylinder head design, piston surfacing, piston rings, sodium-filled exhaust valves, oil pan) and highway MPG + 4 (anticipated to increase to 30 mpg, EPA numbers not yet available). A couple of other numbers – at 85.7 horsepower/liter, Maxima achieves a high specific output (HP/L) and better power-to-weight ratio than a BMW 335i or Acura TLX V6.
  4. Sounds Like Max Spirit: If a 2016 Maxima drives through the forest on a favorite winding road, and no one except the driver is there, what does it sound like? Quiet and quite amazing. Maxima’s luxury-level interior quietness is enabled by the application of laminated glass, not only on the windshield but also on the front door windows, while an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system works much like noise cancelling headphones to help reduce unpleasant low-frequency sounds. As for amazing, a new Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) system enhances the existing engine sound from the legendary 3.5-liter V6 into the cabin, delivering a stirring soundtrack. Engaging “Sport” mode takes the engine note a step further with the system allowing an even higher engine note amplitude in the cabin.
  5. Textural Messaging: When creating the new Maxima’s interior, the design team sought to ignite the senses – so they added premium touches and touchpoints throughout including three unique “faceted” trim treatments (Razor Steel, Liquid Chrome and Mahogany wood tone), diamond-quilted seat inserts and genuine stitching on the instrument panel, doors and console. The D-shaped steering wheel on Maxima SR even has an Alcantara insert, because the road shouldn’t be the only thing you feel behind the wheel.
  6. How About A Coffee: Maxima Platinum models offers an available Driver Attention Alert (DAA) system, which alerts the driver when drowsy or inattentive driving is detected. DAA monitors steering input patterns (using steering angle sensors) and if it detects driving behavior consistent with a drowsy driver, the system uses an audible chime sound and displays the amber coffee cup with a message reading, “Take a break?” in the vehicle’s information display.
  7. Who’s the Emboss: Look closely at the new Maxima’s headlights and side taillight reflectors and you might notice something extra – embossed “4DSC” logos. Best viewed by others when parked.
  8. Max Plant: The 2016 Maxima is assembled at Nissan’s advanced Smyrna, Tennessee facility – which in calendar year 2014 produced more vehicles (648,000) than any other automotive plant in North America. Maxima engines are assembled in nearby Decherd, Tennessee.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) for the 2016 Nissan Maxima:

Maxima S$32,410 USD | Rs. 20.10 lakhs
Maxima SV$34,390 USD | Rs. 21.32 lakhs
Maxima SL$36,890 USD | Rs. 22.87 lakhs
Maxima SR$37,670 USD | Rs. 23.36 lakhs
Maxima Platinum$39,860 USD | Rs. 24.72 lakhs

The new Maxima is available in nine exterior colors, including two Maxima-exclusive exterior colors – Forged Bronze and Coulis Red.

The totally redesigned interior is anchored by a command central driver’s cockpit that features optimal reach to all controls and a center stack angled toward the driver. The Display Commander control, located on the console, allows fingertip control of the center display.

The new Maxima’s bespoke-style interior offers genuine stitching on the instrument panel, doors and console, available ambient lighting, available Ascot premium leather seating surfaces with diamond-quilted inserts (also available in Alcantara), unique faceted finishers and a sporty D-shape (flat-bottom) steering wheel.

Maxima’s luxury-level interior quietness is enabled by an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) system that works much like noise cancelling headphones, helping reduce unpleasant low-frequency sounds. A new Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) system, which works by enhancing existing engine sound from the 3.5-liter V6 into the cabin (Bose audio equipped models only).

The new Maxima also offers an extensive range of safety, security and driving aids, including Predictive Forward Collision Warning (PFCW), Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC), Forward Emergency Braking (FEB), Rear Cross Traffic Alert (CTA) and Blind Spot Warning (BSW). These features are standard on Maxima SL, SR and Platinum grades. Maxima also offers an available Driver Attention Alert (DAA) system, which learns each individual driver’s steering patterns and helps alert the driver when drowsy or inattentive driving is detected (Maxima Platinum only).

Maxima Platinum models include standard NissanConnect Services powered by SiriusXM – the first time offered by Nissan in the United States. The system’s wide range of features includes automatic collision notification, remote start via smartphone, emergency call, stolen vehicle locator and more (six-month free trial; subscription required, sold separately).

The 2016 Maxima is available in five well-equipped models (all equipment is grade standard, no available options): Maxima S, SV, SL, SR and Platinum.

2016 Nissan Maxima shown at NYIAS, starts at Rs. 20 lakhs in US (5)

2016 Nissan Maxima shown at NYIAS, starts at Rs. 20 lakhs in US (14)

INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Nissan Maxima

INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Nissan Maxima

INFOGRAPHIC: 2016 Nissan Maxima

2016 Nissan Maxima shown at NYIAS, starts at Rs. 20 lakhs in US (20)

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