2014 Cadillac CTS, an LED Elevation


2014 Cadillac CTS, an LED Elevation

The all-new 2014 Cadillac CTS sedan brings a renewed spirit of driver engagement and exceptional refinement to the midsize luxury segment, rooted in a lightweight, rigid structure that fosters class-challenging performance and quietness.

Cadillac’s acclaimed rear-drive architecture is the foundation for the new CTS’s driving experience. It’s borne from the architecture also used with the award-winning ATS compact luxury sedan, but optimized for the dimensions and dynamics of a midsize luxury sedan.

The all-new CTS sedan is longer, lighter and stronger than the previous CTS sedan structure, which enabled more precise ride and handling tuning, as well as a quieter driving experience.

Innovative applications of lightweight materials – including the first aluminum doors ever on a GM production vehicle – help the 2014 CTS weigh in with an approximate base curb weight of 3,600 lbs. (1,633 kg). That’s about 200 pounds (91 kg) less than the 2013 BMW 528i and approximately 7-percent less than the current model.

The unique aluminum front and rear door structures save about 16.5-pounds (7.5 kg) per door over traditional steel structures. Aluminum is also used for the hood, while other advanced materials, including magnesium and lightweight, high-strength, low-alloy steels and bake-hardenable steels, enabled engineers to tailor the CTS’s structure down to the last gram, ensuring strength and refinement were achieved without unnecessary mass.


2.0L Turbo DI VVT3.6L V-6 DI VVT3.6L V-6 Twin-Turbo DI VVT
(cu in / cc):
122 / 1998217 / 3564217 / 3564
Bore & stroke (in / mm):3.39 x 3.39 / 86 x 863.70 x 3.37 / 94 x 85.63.70 x 3.37 / 94 x 85.6
Block material:cast aluminumcast aluminumcast aluminum
Cylinder head material:cast aluminumcast aluminumcast aluminum
Valvetrain:DOHC, four-valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timingDOHC, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timingDOHC, four valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing
Fuel delivery:direct high-pressure fuel injectiondirect high-pressure fuel injectiondirect high-pressure fuel injection
Compression ratio:9.5:111.5:110.2:1
(hp / kW @ rpm):
272 / 203 @ 5500321 / 239 @ 6800*(gas)420 / 313 @ 5750 (SAE-certified)
(lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):
295 / 400 @ 1700-5500275 / 373 @ 4800* (gas)430 / 583 @ 3500-4500 (SAE-certified)
Recommended fuel:premium recommended but not requiredregular unleadedpremium required
Maximum engine speed (rpm):700072006500
Fuel economy
(GM-estimated city / hwy):
19 / 30 RWD
18 / 28 AWD
19 / 28 RWD
18 / 27 AWD
17 / 25

News Source: [Cadillac]


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