140 Ferraris make the scene at New Zealand


140 Ferraris make the scene at New Zealand

It’s not frequent that you stare 140 Ferraris of every type and from every era accompanied consecutively on the grid of a race track and it’s even more breathtaking if the unique gathering eventuate approximately a pole apart from the country where the cars were manufactured, in other words in New Zealand.

The gathering eventualize last weekend as part of the New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing, at the Hampton’s Down circuit. The Ferraris set a record for the largest gathering in the land of the long white cloud: in a distinction from the Enzo to the F40, three Formula 1 cars, an F50, together with cars from the present range, it all made for a gigantic spectacle on the principal straight of the track, which is approximately 60 kilometres to the south of Auckland.

The occasion give high sign to the immense adoration of the Prancing Horse in New Zealand and was formulated in association with the local Ferrari Owners Club. Thousands of spectators were excited by the extravaganza, which is to be recurring next weekend.



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